Varnish colors

The standard colors available are “Viol”, a brown staining process of the wood, after elaborate preparation, which recalls the beautiful color that violins take on over the years. The “Natural”, light amber color, which is a classic for this type of guitars. The “Cherry”, dark red, which also requires adequate preparation of the wood when sanding.


Both partial (body only) and total (body, headstock, fingerboard) bindings are available. These can be made of either plastic (PVC) or wooden material, and can involve varying degrees of complexity, as regards both the number of lines and their thickness.

Maple neck

The standard neck wood is sapele mahogany in each model. During the project, it’s possible to opt for the maple wood neck, in two or three pieces, with black separation lines; this alternative solution is particularly attractive with “Natural” color finishes.


As regards pick-ups, no standard has been set, in order to leave complete freedom of choice to the customer during the project. Brands such as Gibson, Seymour Duncan Antiquity, Ox4 pick-ups (produced by a talented English craftsman and completely customizable), Kent Armstrong, Charlie Christian, both in built-in and floating versions, have been used with success.

Piezo devices

A piezo device to be mixed with the chosen magnetic pick-up is available on request. It is not possible, here, to describe every way in which this can be achieved, since each project has its own peculiarities, but surely this option is available both on semi-acoustic models and on arch top hollowbody, offering the opportunity to the musician to considerably expand the tonal possibilities of the instrument.

Gold hardware

With this option, hardware accessories in the Gold version are used. Pick-up covers, strap buttons, tuners, pickguard bracket are covered with a gold plating, which is particularly elegant with both the “Viol” brown satin finishes, and with sunburst brown, two or three tones.

Extruded edges

This option does not fall into the category of bindings, as it requires a completely different type of processing. It is obtained from the excess wood of the top and back, and requires particular attention when sanding. It is available on all types of models and finishes.

“Effe” holes covers

In order to remedy the known feedback problems, especially with hollow bodies, a very stable holes of resonance cover system has been developed, equipped with a closure that includes the use of small magnets.

Handmade shellac

Nitrocellulose, which is our standard treatment, is the traditional approach in artisan guitar making. A qualitatively superior alternative is represented by spirit varnishing, one of the oldest methods of treatment of the wooden surface; shellac, the natural residue of a particular Asian insect from which this wonderful natural resin is extracted, is applied with a patient and delicate manual procedure, and provides the most elastic and natural coverage available today.